Apr 25, 2018

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Hi, we've added the link to the government's Pre DA consultation webpage on the 'What's News' page. As I understand it from the guidelines the development proposed for the service station site should be posted on the website but there's nothing there. Does anyone know where the proposal is up to at this point?

May 31, 2018

Hi All


The Development Application has been lodged for the Service Station site. It's proposing 19 apartments and 3 commercial units on the ground floor adjacent to the existing shops facing the carpark. It seems to me that the proposal will not provide much in the way of community facility for the suburb and is not compliant with ACT planning laws.


The service station site is zoned CZ4. The ACT Commercial Zones Development Code sets out in Part D a number of controls for development of suburban local centres. It states the intent of the use of local centres zoned CZ4 is:


a)To encourage shop fronts and similar active frontages at street level and creat a lively, vibrant character based around main pedestrian systems

b)To ensure that convenience retailing and other services are readily available to the local community and compatible with nearby residential areas

c)To provide opportunities for higher density residential development, while protecting existing commercial uses and the amenity of residents living in commercial zones

d)To ensure impacts on other commercially viable local centres are considered


The Code includes a non-mandatory Rule 50 that states that only business and community type uses should be provided in buildings at ground floor level on frontages to main pedestrian areas and routes. If this rule is not applied, the criteria to be applied states that the use on the ground floor should generate activity in the public space in a form that is consistent with the needs of the particular centre.


The Code further states that the intent of the building rules for the CZ4 is, amongst other things, to encourage a built form and scale of development that reflects the centre's role as a commercial and community focus for the area; to ensure that buildings are compatible with the built form, siting and scale of development in adjacent areas; to promote an attractive pedestrian environment; and to ensure building design reinforces the local centre's role.


Rule 52 of the Code states that the maximum number of storeys permissible is two. This rule is non-mandatory, and if not applied, the criteria to be applied is thta the buildings are consistent with the desired character of the area.


It appears to me, from a first glance at the DA that it doesn't really comply with any of the above. It's just another DA to build more apartments and we will lose out on the benefits of having community facilities on the land zoned specifically for community facilities.


What do you think about it?





Jun 5, 2018


A few points to consider for the ex-servo response:


(1)The area is zoned Commercial Zone 4 (CZ4) – Local Centre Zone. The DA as it stands does not comply with the Zone Objectives of CZ4. Read more at: http://www.legislation.act.gov.au/ni/2008-27/copy/82867/pdf/2008-27.pdf


(2)The DA as it currently stands does not comply with Rule 50 or Criteria 50 of the Commercial Zones Development Code. 15.4 Active frontages of the Commercial Zones Development Code states “Only the following uses are provided in buildings at ground floor level on frontages to main pedestrian areas and routes: business agencies, community activity centres, financial establishments, indoor entertainment facilities, indoor recreation facilities, public agencies, restaurants and shops.” Read more at: http://www.legislation.act.gov.au/ni/2008-27/copy/116957/pdf/2008-27.pdf


(3) The Commercial Zones Development Code (16.1 Number of storeys) stipulates the maximum height is 2 storeys. Buildings achieve all of the following: a) consistency with the desired character b) reasonable solar access to dwellings on adjoining residential blocks and their associated private open space. Read more (as above) at: http://www.legislation.act.gov.au/ni/2008-27/copy/116957/pdf/2008-27.pdf


Please share further insights….

John Warren
Oct 9, 2018

On 8 October 2018 ACTPLA approved the application with conditions.

Oct 9, 2018

The conditions of the approval don't seem to address the concerns raised in the submissions at all. It just seems wrong for a developer to be able to build 19 townhouses and apartments on the such a small block and only provide 3 commercial units to service the community.

Trevor Lipscombe
Oct 14, 2018

This approval sets an unfortunate precedent not only for Campbell but for other areas. Hence it is not just a matter of concern for Campbell residents but will be of concern to all Community Councils, particularly North Canberra and inner South Canberra, who should be made aware of what is going on.


A four storey building is not consistent with the character of the area and such a move should be strongly resisted as it is the thin end of a very large wedge. Once this is built there will be pressure for other four storey buildings in the area, probably starting with the run down Campbell shops. Who will be next, perhaps Ainslie? Note that Griffith has managed, so far, to maintain the two storey limit. inner city residential areas with a similar character, i.e. one and two storey buildings, will have developers arguing that if it can be done in Campbell then it can be done elsewhere.


Unfortunately we have an ACT Government which is happy to flout it's own rules i.e. such developments should be two stories according to the Code. This is yet another example of this city being run for the benefit of developer profits to the detriment of public amenity, slowly but surely changing the character of these areas. The more dwellings that can be crammed onto a block, the more profitable the venture becomes for the developer and the lower the amenity for everyone else. This would be unfortunate in any city, but this is a central area of the Nation's Capital and completely at odds with the garden city character of the city and especially its central area, with proximity to the AWM and Anzac Parade and the heritage listed suburb of Reid. The residents of this block will have no green space of their own, certainly inconsistent with the character of the area.



John Warren
Nov 19, 2018

On 15 October 2018 I asked ACTPLA: "Will ACTPLA send to representators regarding the development application (DA) copies of the further information required under the conditional approval (or post it on-line), so that residents of Campbell can judge whether:

  • the revised site plan, including on parking, loading area for commercial tenancies, and turning templates for the new parking arrangement, meet concerns lodged about the DA; and

  • expressed plans are likely to be followed in practice in the future ?

3. I note that in Campbell there is a feeling that the conditions of the approval do not seem to address the concerns raised in the public's submissions at all, and that the CZ4 zoning conditions are not met, given that the community facilities in the proposed development are minimal in relation to the 19 dwellings projected, and the proposal is for four storeys rather than two as consistent with the CZ4 Zone."

2. On 19 November 2018 I received a reply saying: "To date the Planning and Land Authority has not received the required drawings from the proponent.

The proponent has requested, and been granted, an extension of time until 3 December 2018 to address the conditions of approval for this development."

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  • Aug 20, 2018

    Development Application: 201833789 Address: 28 CHAUVEL STREET Block: 7 Section: 32 Proposal: PROPOSAL FOR MULTI UNIT DEVELOPMENT - Demolition of the existing dwelling; Construction of 3 new two storey adaptable dwellings, basement garages, landscaping and associated works. Period for representations closes: 12/06/2018 Link to the DA Points for consideration - please add your insights: - The proposal significantly changes the original pattern of the area, and compromised the neighbouring dwellings. - shows no evidence of providing an affordable and sustainable housing choice. - This development is a duplex, a key feature which has been omitted/overlooked in this DA. - significantly blocks the neighbouring solar access. - there is no evidence energy efficiency detailed in the plans, instead, further burdening the environment with a proposal to add three plunge pools and removal of all green space and trees on site - requirements for ADAPTABLE HOUSING proposed for is in question as no provision for stairwell and lift has been made. - No visitor parking is included to accommodate routine visits from healthcare workers and carers. This dwelling exists opposite a school, attracting high traffic and limited on-street parking. -The size of all three units will significantly restrict wheelchair mobility and access. 
  • May 5, 2018

    Elevation of the future Hindmarsh residential development at 71 Constitution Avenue which has rear frontage to Getting Crescent.   The 9th floor penthouse for the middle tower appears to exceed the 25m  height limit for Constitution Avenue as designated in Amendment 60 of the National Capital Plan which is the planning document for this area.  

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