May 3, 2018

Bottle shop closing :(

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It is with a heavy heart that I hear Campbell Liquor Discounts is closing shop. A huge thank you to Chris for being a pivotal member of the Campbell community. You will be missed.

May 8, 2018

That is really sad! Chris has been a great part of the Campbell community for so long, and a really good friend to everyone. We will miss him and his great business.


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  • Alan Robertson
    Feb 3

    Many residents in C5 and "old" Campbell are becoming increasingly concerned about the deteriorating condition of Hassett Park despite the efforts of residents in Saint Germain in weeding, mulching and cleaning. The irrigation has been erratic, either flooding or turned off, mowing is haphazard, weeds have been allowed to flourish and dead and dying plants have not been replaced. The park is still the responsibility of the Suburban Land Agency (SLA) which is required to bring it up to the standard in the approved, award-winning plans before handing it over to Transport Canberra & City Services (TCCS). This was expected to occur by last October but clearly the condition of the park is going backwards, delaying the transfer. Residents are conducting a letter writing campaign to the ACT Government to try to effect an improvement in the condition of the park. All users and admirers of the park are encouraged to write to the SLA (through its website) or directly to Yvette Berry MLA, Minister for Housing and Suburban Development to express their concern.
  • Alan Robertson
    Feb 2

    Nearby residents have seen what might be a new bird for Hassett Park - the Buff-banded Rail. On Friday there were two or more of them in the creek between the two playgrounds and on Saturday there were three or more of them roaming a little more widely. They have a preference for reedy areas and would rather scamper into hiding than fly. Dog owners are encouraged to keep their dog on a lead when near the creek to minimise the risk of disturbance or death of these beautiful birds.
  • Dec 6, 2018

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