Iskia Athletic Club

Iskia Athletic Club was created under the premise that everyone has the capacity to better their body through regular movement and development. We are a private, small group and coach led facility that offers a system of practices for the regeneration of your health, fitness and wellbeing for the long game. We give you the skills to build a lifestyle that will enhance your physical being and regulate your health to an optimal state.

We provide a regenerative system of training, housed within a state of the art, purpose built facility. Our mission is to guide and support our members to become more balanced and resilient human beings through physical training, capacity enhancement, restoration and play. We believe in harnessing the power of a range of training disciplines; from strength and endurance, power, aerobic capacity, mobility, rehabilitation, Pilates, yoga, and meditation. We take the best of these training disciplines, creating an environment where your physical capacities are enhanced to optimize your body for the life you want to lead. It is your sanctuary that allows you to get the best, to become your best.

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