AWM Temporary Carpark Update

An arborist’s report was commissioned by the AWM and has identified 43 trees within the construction zone that will need to be removed and a further 37 trees that may be affected depending on the construction methodology proposed by the successful tenderer for these works. We would not expect all 37 of these trees to be affected but rather a smaller subset of them depending on the approach taken.

The 37 trees that may be “affected” means they may require protection such as fencing or other intervention to preserve them and in fact, it is possible that none of these trees will need to be removed.

A copy of the site study by the arborist is attached for information, the light blue line represents the construction site of the new car park, the darker blue line the area assessed by the arborist as possibly affected by the construction through vibration, vehicle traffic, changes to drainage etc. Note that the size of the car park was reduced by the Memorial after we received this arborist report to ensure the remnant tree (one of the 37 possibly affected trees) to the east of the works would not need to be removed; the trees will be carefully protected and monitored during construction.

People are welcome to contact the AWM at with questions or for further information.

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