West Basin Development

Earlier this month, new details of the proposed changes to Lake Burley Griffin’s West Basin precinct were revealed as the City Renewal Authority submitted its works approval application to the National Capital Authority. 

The public consultation period on the works, which include the construction of a new boardwalk (including reclaiming land currently under water) and associated infrastructure for apartments, closes on 22 May. 

A broad range of concerns about this development have been raised by NCCC members as well as by groups such as the Lake Burley Griffin Guardians, who have worked tirelessly to raise issues around the further privatisation of public land and green space and diminution of the area’s heritage values. 

The NCCC, in particular, notes that the short time frame for public consultation and inability to canvass these issues in a public forum is regrettable for a development of such significance for the North Canberra community. 

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