Bringing Back the Little Birds in Campbell

You, too, have no doubt noticed the significant decline in both the numbers and the diversity of species of little birds in our lovely suburb. Birds such as Eastern Spinebills, Superb Fairy Wrens, Silvereyes and Pardalotes are becoming scarcer as gardens become smaller and predators such as Noisy Miners move in as the shrubberies disappear.

Now for the GOOD NEWS! By planting the right native plants for shelter and providing a constant source of water we can not only bring back the little birds so important to a healthy, diverse eco system but also attract native bees and butterflies.

The attached brochure from Greening Australia sets out great advice on bird attracting natives suited to the ACT. All of these plants can be obtained from Cool Country Natives at 5A Beltana Rd Pialligo (Email: retail@coolcountrynatives. Tel: 02 6257 6666). 


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