Cane Toads in Campbell!!

The ACT Government is currently responding to an incident involving two cane toads found in Rosenthal Street in Campbell.

It is thought it is a contained incident and the cane toads were most likely accidentally transported to Canberra via a vehicle travelling from Queensland.

It is highly unlikely cane toads will establish a population in the ACT due to Canberra’s colder climate. However, if there are any others they do pose a threat to native and domestic animals so we are treating it seriously.

Staff from ACT Parks and Conservation Service have visited residences near where the cane toads were found and are searching the surrounding area.

Advice if people see what they think is a cane toad:

  • do not kill it as it is most likely a native frog

  • exercise caution and take a close-up photograph

  • wearing rubber gloves and eye protection put into a well-ventilated container with 1cm of water

  • email or phone Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

You can visit for more information.


Stephen Hughes, Senior Manager, Biosecurity and Rural Services

ACT Parks and Conservation

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