image of park behind Campbell Shops.

Community Information Session


Saturday, March 14th at 11 am in the park behind the Campbell shops

As part of the ACT Governments’ Adopt-a-Park program, the Campbell community has been fortunate to receive some funding to start making improvements in the park behind the Campbell shops!

Plans to enhance and improve the park have been drawn up by Barbara Payne of Quandong Designs and include proposals to:

  • enhance the park by planting an understory for the remnant Box-Gum trees in the park, with an emphasis on plants that attract birds, bees and butterflies,
  • create an enhanced natural setting for the community to enjoy and spend time in,
  • create an outdoor community meeting and performance space,
  • create a space for nature play where children can exercise and learn to recognise species and plants common to the ACT, and
  • create a community vegetable garden.

This grant of funding is the start of an exciting long-term community project which will be run by Campbell community volunteers in association with the ACT Transport and City Services and the Molonglo Catchment Group of Landcare.  Work on the park project is due to commence in April and May this year.

If would like to see the plans and get more information about the park project please join us for the information session in the park between 11 am and 12 pm on 14th March. 

If you can’t make it on the 14th but would like to join up to be a volunteer and be part of the project, please send an email to community.campbell at, or via the contact form.

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Purdon – Campbell Shops

n 2017 the Government commissioned Purdon Planning to carry out a Local Centre Feasibility Study on the shopping centre which involved extensive community consultation.

Purdon summarized that the key priorities for the shops were:

  • the unsafe state of the pavement around the shops,
  • security, and
  • parking. 

A preliminary plan was developed to address these issues, which you can see on Haveyoursay link

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  1. Warwick Lavers and Julie Doyle met with Amalgamated (Michael D’Elboux, Daniel Potts) and other local community reps online to discuss the new proposals for Anzac Park East (APE).
  2. Amalgamated were unsuccessful in obtaining the single tenant for the proposed development – Defence is now staying at Campbell Park Offices
  3. NCA have produced ‘Detailed Conditions of Planning, Design and Development’ for the site which are very prescriptive
  4. Amalgamated now working on a multi use development – office portal building (22,500 m2), residential blocks (43,000 m2) and small retail, all compliant in height etc with NCA requirements.   
  5. Three level basement car parking with access from Wendouree Drive, may provide improved parking options in the future
  6. Includes areas of open space and pedestrian access through the site and some green space opening to Constitution Avenue. 
  7. WL suggested opportunity to increase external green space on public land along the southern boundary with Parkes Way.
  8. Very early stages and no drawings other than indicative site plans.
  9. Subject to external influences estimated start dates – 
  1. Office – late 2021
  2. Balance – mid 2022
  3. Amalgamated consulted extensively with local groups for The Griffin develoment on the other side of Anzac Parade and there were minimal community objections when they applied for development approval.


Urban Forest Bill Industry Workshop

The ACT Government is consulting on a draft Urban Forest Bill 2022, which, if passed, will replace the Tree Protection Act 2005.

The draft Bill is being released for consultation following a review of the Tree Protection Act.

The Bill is designed to support a sustainable urban forest as an integral part of Canberra. It is proposed that the Bill will protect trees on both public and leased land; provide extra protection for exceptional trees with high biodiversity or eco-cultural value and encourage the community to care for and retain trees and contribute to the enhancement of the urban forest.

Information including Fact Sheets will be available on from Thursday 21 April 2022.

The ACT Government would also like to invite you to attend an online workshop from 2:00pm to 4:00pm on 5 May 2022 to hear an overview of the key components of the draft Bill.

The formal consultation period will run from 21 April to 2 June 2022. In addition to the workshop, they are accepting submissions to be received by TCCS before COB 2 June 2022. All submissions should be made via

If you wish to attend the workshop on 5 May 2022, please register your attendance by email to by close of business on 4 May 2022

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Campbell Shop Upgrade – Q&A

Questions from CCA

Answers from TCCS Community Engagement

1. Additional car spots – Item L on the plan. The upgrade plan proposes two additional car spaces which would be located within the dripline under two tall, established trees on the verge on the left hand side by the exit of the car park (Item L). Residents are concerned that building these car parks will disturb the roots and ultimately kill these lovely deciduous trees which provide summer shade and privacy up to the third floor of the Mica building and welcome shade for shoppers and walkers. The Mica developer has planted an appealing, lush lawn on the verge under the trees in advance of leasing the restaurant facing this area. A watering system has also been installed on the verge. The additional car parks will require the removal of this lawned area as well as damaging the trees. We are concerned that  “L” is not a viable or optimal solution.  
Can the location of these car spots be reviewed? (photos provided) – Suggestion to consider :  1/2-1 hr max lunch time parking on Chauvel and/or White near the shops as an option instead?
AnswerDuring community consultation we heard the desire for extra car parking spaces and input about the overall parking situation at Campbell Shops. To remedy this, we have proposed alternative time restrictions and two additional parking bays situated in the same location as the former driveway that serviced the petrol station (now demolished). We understand your concern about disturbing the deciduous trees in this area. Our Urban Treescapes team reviewed the site plans and have given approval for works to proceed. During construction mitigation techniques will be in place to protect and support the trees longevity. We understand they remain a valued part of the area.


2. Who will be responsible for maintaining the verges and footpath around Mica when the developer moves off site? TCCS or the Mica owners’ corporation?
Answer:  This will be the responsibility of the Mica owners corporation. They will be responsible for any upkeep, mowing, sprinkler systems and the verge grassed area in general.

3. Could the upgrade lighting plan be provided? (Lighting was a high priority for improving safety in the Purdon review).
Answer:  As the project is still out to tender we cannot provide this information. However, if you have specific questions on the lighting improvements planned for the shopping centre we are happy to answer these. Improvements to lighting in the public spaces at the shops will be delivered.
4. You mentioned the upgrade will commence in February? Is this still accurate and is there a timeline we can share with the community? What arrangements will there be for parking, builders’ equipment, traffic? Signage and support to shops during the construction phase?
AnswerThe construction tender for the shops is currently open and we expect to have someone engaged to undertake the building works by mid-March. Once the contractor is engaged they will provide us with their Temporary Traffic Management plans and we will have a better understanding of the location of any builders’ parking. The upgrades will be undertaken in a staged manner to minimise disruption to the businesses and community members. TCCS and the successful contractor will coordinate with the traders and keep them informed of upcoming works and timing. 
5. We have also reviewed a 2019 letter that Minister Gentleman (attached) sent to a CCA member about Mica and the shops. In particular have the commitments (page 2) re new trees, new paths and playground upgrade been completed? We think most have been done but not sure about whether the developer has planted the three trees promised – TCCS was to check. 
AnswerWe can confirm the following improvements have been made: In the 2018/19 financial year the Campbell playground on White Crescent received a new border, repaint, deck refresh, additional soft-fall and a new path to better connect to the nearby shops. The outdoor table also received new paint. The skate ramp had a new border installed, was repainted and received a top up of soft-fall. Regarding the trees, these were not planted and unfortunately only two trees would fit into the available space. We welcome the opportunity to plant additional trees in this area and endeavour to place them into our future planting programme. You are more than welcome to pop in a community tree planting request. As part of the shopping centre upgrades the contractor will clean up the weed species behind the carpark and plant additional plants and trees.


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Campbell Shops Upgrade

Campbell Shop Upgrade

Based on the community feedback provided in early 2021, the ACT Government has released final designs which are available online

The main areas highlighted by the ACT Government include:

  • accessible paths and car parking
  • opportunities for community planting
  • new seating and shade structures
  • better landscaping.


Construction is expected to commence in early 2022. 

If you have any questions about this project, please email


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ACT Planning

ACT Planning System Review and Reform Process

– Covers all aspects of Canberra’s Planning, Development and Land Use System

– Will dictate what Canberra will look like in the future 

– Has major implications for all suburban built environment and green spaces, including the block next to you

The new planning system is moving from the rules based one we have at the moment to a discretionary, “outcomes based” one. 

It is not just about new suburbs or major developments, it is what will or will not be acceptable at a suburban building block level.

The government has produced a number or booklets for the community

We encourage you to be aware of what is being considered and how it might impact you and your suburb.

If you have any thoughts or comments you can either send them to the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate EPSDD or the CCA to pass on.

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West Basin Development

Earlier this month, new details of the proposed changes to Lake Burley Griffin’s West Basin precinct were revealed as the City Renewal Authority submitted its works approval application to the National Capital Authority. 

The public consultation period on the works, which include the construction of a new boardwalk (including reclaiming land currently under water) and associated infrastructure for apartments, closes on 22 May. 

A broad range of concerns about this development have been raised by NCCC members as well as by groups such as the Lake Burley Griffin Guardians, who have worked tirelessly to raise issues around the further privatisation of public land and green space and diminution of the area’s heritage values. 

The NCCC, in particular, notes that the short time frame for public consultation and inability to canvass these issues in a public forum is regrettable for a development of such significance for the North Canberra community. 

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Campbell Primary School Carpark

As many of you will have noticed, the vacant land between Campbell Primary School, the WE O’Brien Court Independent living facility and Chauvel St, is now a grassless and compacted area. It has become overflow parking and now some cars not associated with the school are parked there all day.
The ground is compacted, the remaining tree is in danger. This is not only an eyesore when the wind rises it lifts the dry topsoil, and dust storms are created affecting neighbouring properties including those on the opposite side of Chauvel Street.

Whilst some attempts have been made by the School, this does not seem to be a long term deterrent. We encourage you to add your voice to this issue to protect this land and amenity of our suburb,

Please see letter to the ACT Education Directorate below from a Campbell Resident,


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